A Clear Call To Action – Whats The Big Deal?

A common misconception we see a lot around the web is the idea that when you want a visitor to contact you, the more ways the better. After all, you want to give them every option to get in touch with you right? You want them to be able to decide what course they should take to reach out right?



Studies show that a clear-cut “Call To Action” is the most effective way to bring a visitor to a point of contact. Having a straight forward, easy to read and readily available way to contact your organization will bring more people to the decision to contact you.

So what is a “Call To Action”? Well i’m glad you asked! A “Call To Action” is where you tell your site visitor exactly what to do next. They have already searched for you, clicked on your link and made their way through the vastness that is the internet ending up on your website. So why create a guessing game for them? Why confuse them as to the best way to get in touch? There are so many other decisions they have made, and will have to make, when it comes to doing business with you so why would you want to add on another? You will want to alleviate friction as best you can by telling them exactly what to do now that they are on your page.

If you want all of your site visitors to call you, then you need something the effect of “CALL NOW” or “CALL TODAY” or “DIAL THIS NUMBER” and then obviously your phone number. If it is email, then tell them in big bold letters and towards the top of your web page exactly what your email is and what they should do with it.

DO NOT bury your contact info on a “Contact” page or at the bottom of your “Home” page. Most people do not make it past the home page so you will want your call to action at the top of the page in big, readable letters. Make sure to pay attention to color and the font so that it is in fact legible and easily found.

This is only one aspect of a page design that really sells but it is a very important thing to think about when designing your web page. So make sure to include a call to action on your home page, and every other page for that matter, in order to get as many people calling, emailing or clicking as possible.