New Feature – WebStarts Slideshow 2.0!

In this article I am going to talk to you about our brand new slideshow we just launched. The slideshow 2.0 allows for much more control than our previous version and will allow you to create something really unique. The slideshow has some great new specific features which I am going to cover in this post. These features include manual controls, transition effects, interval controls and a pause upon hover effect. Lets go through each one and what they do.

Manual Controls

These controls are the left and right arrows you will see included in the slideshow window. These controls allow your visitors to click to the next image, or go back to an image that has already passed from view of their monitor. You can choose whether you would like these controls to be visible or hidden from view all together.

Transition Effects

These effects decide how one image will transition into the next. There is everything from a simple “Scroll Horizontal” effect to a “Toss” effect that throws the image off the screen. You can decide how you would like the images to change and whether they should zoom or flip, turn or toss, fade or scroll. All of these effects are really cool and work extremely well.

Interval Controls

This feature allows you to decide the time that you want each image to be shown. You can choose to have the images change from every 0.25 seconds to every 5. This way you can have the images stay on the page for a little bit or have them zip by one by one really quickly.

Pause On Hover

This simple, yet effective, option allows for your visitors to hover over the image with their mouse and have the picture stay in place. No matter what rate of speed in which you choose the images to transition, this option will allow your visitors to look at an image for as long as they would like.

These are the features included in our brand new Slideshow app! You can find the new slideshow by logging into your editor and clicking “Apps” and then “Slideshow 2.0″. Be sure to watch the video above for a step by step tutorial on how to use the new slideshow. For more tips and tricks, or to get started with your own free website, head to today!